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Published research

Mobilization and Strategies: Comparing Trade Lobbying in the U.S. and Canada

2023. Comparative Political Studies (with Jan Stuckatz).

Foreign Direct Investment in Political Influence 

2023. International Studies Quarterly.

Foreign Lobbying through Domestic Subsidiaries 

2022. Economics & Politics.

Protection Forestall: Offshore Firms against Tariffs in their Own Industry

2022. Business and Politics 24(4): 377-398 (with Iain Osgood).


Firms Fight Back: Production Networks and Corporate Opposition to the China Trade War
2021. In Geopolitics, Supply Chains, and International Relations in East Asia, eds. Etel Solingen. Cambridge University Press.


Exports, Jobs, Growth! Congressional Hearings on US Trade Agreements
2019. Economics & Politics 31(1): 1-26 (with Iain Osgood).


China’s Nonmarket Economy Treatment and U.S. Trade Remedy Actions
2017. Journal of World Trade 15(3): 495-516.


Countervailing Duty against China: Opening a Pandora's Box in the WTO System?
2011. Journal of International Economic Law 14(2): 329-368 (with Dukgeun Ahn).

Selected working papers

Foreign MNCs' Utilization of Domestic Political Endowments Inherited from Cross-border M&A

R&R. Presented at IPES 2023.


Allied Import Options Available? Finding Friendly Trade Partners Amidst Decoupling from China (with  Ayse Eldes and Iain Osgood)


Complementary vs. Substitutional Lobbying Strategies of Multinational Corporations (with Jan Stuckatz)

Presented at APSA 2022, VIPES 2023.

Foreign Lobbying Against Administrative Protectionism: Evidence from ITC Patent Investigations  (with Minju Kim)

Presented at IPES 2023.

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